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Famous Symbols
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A quick guide to the most famous symbols history and meaning. Click on the symbols below or the left hand links.

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Our lovely symbols. We surround us daily with a lot of symbols without thinking so much about it. Some are well recognizable famous symbols, others more anonymous. Common, they have a thought, message they want to convey, perhaps a hazard. A great thing with them is that they are made to be as simple to understand as possible. Most often, regardless of language, culture and ethnic background.

There are various things that one may wish to communicate with a symbol. For example, an emotion, such as the famous symbol "Smiliey Face". Sometimes is the purpose of a symbol to provide identification of a group with special values, perhaps religious or political. By wearing the symbol, you tell others who you are and what you stands for. The "Anarchy Symbol" or "Peace Symbol" are such examples examples among the Famous Symbols.

Most often, you do not think that either famous symbol has its own history to tell, and that they were provided by someone to fulfill a purpose. Sometimes they are even designed with the idea that not disguise anything, as in the case of "Biological Hazard symbol".

I have always loved and been fascinated by symbols and their meaning and history.
I have therefore developed this website because I want to convey and spread what I have found out about the most famous symbols.

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